TrueTwit validation service? No, I will not validate my profile.

Jul 13, 2010 by


Are you a “true twit”? TrueTwit Validation is for the birds. The service is more of an annoyance than a useful app, and when I receive their automatic DM asking me to validate my profile, I almost always delete the DM then unfollow the user. No, I will NOT validate my profile!


Basically, this app sends your new follower an automated direct message asking them to verify that they’re a real person. (Aw man, TrueTwit is onto me. They must’ve seen the letters B O T scribbled across my forehead…)


When you click the link, you’re asked to enter a captcha to verify that you want to follow the individual. Since many Twitter users I know don’t even check their DM inbox, this could mean that they never end up verifying and following the person they wanted to connect with. Big #fail, in terms of social media engagement.


Here’s a video with my thoughts. What’s your opinion? Leave me a comment below!

(P.S. This is an updated video as of 4/28/11. Watch my original video here.)

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  • Mitch

    Okay, let's see if you appreciate the irony of this one. This will possibly be the only comment you'll ever see on your blog. Not because I haven't enjoyed what I've read to this point, but because I don't enjoy Disqus or any other comment services that make me subscribe and sign in to leave comments on blogs. I just won't do it. So, I'll write this message, then never know that you've responded to me. In a way, it's the type of thing that discourages many people from commenting on some blogs.

    As a follow up, check out this link to a friend's blog, as we both wrote posts on the subject, then look to the right on his blog at an informal poll he took from his visitors; the numbers might surprise you:

  • Coquitoday

    It's either a service to ward off spammers, or it's a scam!

  • Sarah Cook

    Hi Mandee!

    Twitter validation makes me CRAZY! I won’t follow someone who requests that I validate! The other thing that I hate is when someone asks you a “personal” question in the public time line but they aren’t “following” you so you can’t DM them a message! Personal frustration of mine!

  • Brent Peterson

    Hi Mandee,

    Thanks for the discussion although I’m not sure I understand your position on the TrueTwit Validation service. Personally, I’m not a fan of it. If people feel they need to use it to filter out other people on Twitter, don’t use Twitter.

    When I receive the Auto DM message, I ignore it. I honestly don’t have time to validate every request.


  • MaryKay Edelen

    Hi Mandee,
    I'd have to agree…I know people use the Twitter validation service to get rid of spammers, but I hate it. I don't follow people that use one. I've actually had people follow me FIRST, then when I try and follow them back they want me go through the Twitter validation!

  • Chuck Bartok

    Tell me more about the 25 most influential that you peruse each morning..

  • Mandee Widrick

    I search for Twitter users who are mentioning topics within my niche or within a 45 mile radius of my location. For example, I search for the term “ride my horse” when looking for new people to follow from my @horsefamilymag account. It's proved to be a great way to meet people who are interested in what I offer.

  • mandeewidrick

    Hi Brent,

    I’m totally against the use of TrueTwit. Sorry if my tangent was a bit confusing…sometime I ramble and don’t think anything of it.

    I ignore the TrueTwit DMs also. In fact, I usually go back in and unfollow the person. Some could argue that it takes just as much time to go back and unfollow, but I usually assume that the person is someone I want to follow if they’re operating under a bunch of automation.

  • Lisa Ellwood

    TrueTwit validation service; a quick way to get yourself unfollowed? – UK Bus Labs – The UK Business Forum

  • Lisa Ellwood

    Sorry – in posting my previosu message half of it disappeared. I got a True Twit DM tonight after following someone and retweeting them several times. I deleted all the RTs, unfollowed and blocked. My reaction was: A tweet validation service? Really? You mean people can’t look at my profile + tweets and realise I’m not a bot??!! #ffail quickly followed by the link in the first comment. Considering I’m Native American and the person is supposedly an activist for Native issues – bad move on their part as far as I’m concerned. Especially since they aren’t Native American themselves.

  • Rob Hatten

    This was pretty helpful and informative. I first joined Twitter as a new way to communicate with friends(which it wasn’t) but found it to be a good way to promote my music and related news.
    To be quite frank, I don’t mind if robots are following my tweets because everyone who follows them sees them. If I were to eliminate all of my followers that are bots, then I’d lose probably about half of my followers.
    Also as someone said above, sometimes the bots have the most interesting things to share, which can be true. They are sharing news about the latest products and services. Which I find more interesting than just an unknown person saying they hate algebra class, or their dog is cute, or they just painted their nails and braided their hair. Heck, I just changed my underwear. Does anybody care?
    Maybe the over-enthusiastically real people wouldn’t. But they use a service which pretty much guarantees that’s all they’ll be seeing in the news feed.

  • Tom

    I just found your blog post after Google’ing the term ‘TrueTwit’ as I received a DM asking me to validate.

    Never before had I heard of this, and I fully agree with you – I’ve now unfollowed the chap that’s using it. I also noticed that he has just shy of 220 followers, but is following 480 people – I’m pretty sure those figures would be more equal if he wasn’t using this app.

    Here’s the reasons I unfollowed him:

    1. Following more people than you have followers, to me- says that that person is not adding value to his tweets.
    2. I use Twitter to network and communicate with people. I like to build up a relationship with people, and I’ll only follow someone after I’ve taken a look at their profile, bio, recent tweets and looked at their user-interaction as a whole. I won’t follow someone just to make up numbers as I am a strong believer of ‘quality over quantity’. If they can’t be arsed taking a look at my profile (after receiving the notification) to decide whether or not to follow me back, then it’s goodbye from me.
    3. Automatic DM’s upon follow really p*sses me off. I really wish Twitter would do away with this feature as I don’t only find it irritating- I also find it rude, & spammy.

    /Rant off :)

    Ps. Thanks for this post- it helped me understand what ‘TrueTwit’ is (and it’s authenticity)

  • Christine

    I don’t like to jump through hoops to follow someone on Twitter. And I’ve always ignored the TrueTwit validation DMs I receive. I’ve never understood why people use it. I just know I don’t care for it.

  • Clive Roach (@jedi_roach)

    Really do not care for this service at all

  • Clair Newble

    Frankly Its the most annoying service I have ever come across…….

  • anniewood

    i agree. it made me search about it, which brought me here. thanks for this. i’m unfollowing the person who sent me that. the strange part is, they hardly have any followers but the follow a bunch of people. i kind of don’t get what they think they are accomplishing. to make it worse, they are a business!
    lameo. thanks agian!

  • Mandee Widrick

    Yeah, they probably won’t get many new followers either since they have a “gate” that requires verification before new people are allowed to follow them. Twitter users don’t like having an extra step to complete before they can follow someone (which is also a reason why private accounts don’t attract many new followers either). 

    Thanks for the comment Annie!

  • XJ

    I clicked the link, but then closed it without entering any info.
    Am I safe or in trouble?

  • Alisa

    I don’t use it and being demanded by 6 people to validate my profile, no thank you.  I only follow them dealing with a contest they each are hosting on their websites and they make one follow in order to enter.

  • Arleen J. Rutten

    I like the way you think ☺…new to Twitter…will NOT use…nope..appreciate the insight…

  • Jim Kestner

    You said it all.. annoying, lame, unnecessary. If you can’t figure out from just checking the follower’s bio, pics, background and tweets if they are human, spam, salesmen…etc..then just don’t follow back. Peace/Love

  • Loverboy Ramil

    Me too. I’ve checked my inbox but my Twitter friends sent me a message. It says, “@loverboyramil:twitter uses TrueTwit Validation Service”. And this sucks.:-(

  • Tarot1

    Thank you for this article and video. I was finding these messages annoying and wondered what it was for and it looked like junk DMs to me.

  • Laura Henze Russell

    Yes it stinks. Will probably change my handle. What a mess. Buyer beware. No free lunch.

  • Jersey Jones

    I would think this would weed out government spying of our accounts. What do you think?